Dreams of Summer

Last year the thought of an enjoyable and active summer was just a dream for so many of us. But, as restrictions on social interaction, community activities, and travel begin to lift, those dreams are becoming a reality. We want you to know some of the ways Bruker XRF solutions are hard at work helping to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally sustainable summer for everyone.


Out in the Sun
We all know the dangers of overexposure to the sun led to the development of sunscreens. Titanium (Ti) and zinc (Zn) oxides are two of the important physical UV-filter ingredients. However, it’s critical to know their concentration ranges to maintain effective protection from the sun without causing any contemporaneous damage to the person who uses them. Laboratory XRF spectrometers and portable XRF analyzers are important tools for the analysis of sunscreens and other cream-based skin products to ensure safety from heavy metals and excessive elemental content, as well as to assure product effectiveness.


Fresh Air
The thought of being outdoors this summer without having to wear a mask seems like a miracle. Did you know that Bruker has multiple XRF solutions for helping to keep the air we breathe as clean as possible? Our scientists work with EU’s AEROMET project to develop and demonstrate mobile TXRF for real time analysis of aerosol samples helps to help enforce air quality regulations. Our scientists and engineers also developed two types of analyzers to help ensure shipping vessels minimize the generation of air polluting sulfur (S) from their fuels. Our S2 POLAR EDXRF is ideal for laboratory analysis of S in oil; while our CTX Portable XRF is ideal for mobile service labs, supply stations, on docks, in ports, and even aboard barges and ships.


Refreshing Beverages
When that summer sun warms us up, there is nothing more refreshing than a cool beverage to quench our thirst. We want to make sure our drink is high quality and has no dangerous contaminants though. Learn about the ease of sample preparation for trace elemental analysis of liquids with Bruker’s TXRF spectrometers. Our on-demand webinar, Practical Applications of TXRF in Fruits, Beverages, Wines and Fining Agents, highlights the analysis of metals, such as copper (Cu) and iron (Fe), during the beer brewing process as well as that of heavy metals in all drinks, including water.


Farmers Markets
Summer brings an abundance of locally-grown fruit and produce as well as sweets, condiments, and spices. XRF is a critical tool for the analysis of plants, soils, and fertilizers for urban and commercial farming. Check out our YouTube channel video on Portable Elemental Analysis for Healthy Plants and Soils to learn how handheld XRF is used in the field or greenhouse for safe and sustainable agriculture practices. A favorite product at most farmers markets, honey, is tested for quality and safety using Bruker’s TXRF.


Field Courses
Students are finally able to transition from ZOOM classes to hands-on summertime experiences in the field with portable XRF. Archaeologists use handheld XRF to learn about our collective histories through the recovery and analysis of objects and artifacts and the context in which they are found. Geoscientists use handheld XRF to investigate the earth and its oceans as well as to provide insight on the solar system. Environmental scientists use XRF for soil and water analysis, such as the use of portable TXRF to study pollutant migration in streams and rivers.


The doors are finally opening to museums around the world to allow us to marvel at extraordinary contributions to our cultural histories and to share the experience with others. Bruker’s XRF analyzers provide critical information for conservators and appraisers for fine art, such as the M6 JETSTREAM uncovering tantalizing details of Da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks”, and art objects, such as the M4 TORNADO for the conservation of historic photographs. Art and document fraud investigators take full advantage of the pigment classification and ink chemical characterization capabilities of Bruker’s MicroXRF analyzers.


Whatever you plan to do to realize your summer dreams this year, stay safe, but enjoy!

Cracks are Dangerous: Avoiding Costly Failures in Welding

Hydrogen contributes to material failures by so-called hydrogen induced cracking. During welding, hydrogen is generated from the dissociation of water vapor or hydrocarbons in the welding arc, and the molten metal can quickly pick up hydrogen. Once in the weld metal, hydrogen atoms diffuse into the base metal, where it later accumulates, resulting in stress and cracking. Bruker G4 PHOENIX and G8 GALILEO were developed for the fast and easy determination of diffusible hydrogen (dH) in welds and other sample matrices using the carrier gas hot extraction method. This article summarizes the questions and answers surrounding dH determination, and provides links to a related Lab Report and new Application Note.


New D8 ADVANCE Video

Ease-of-use and flexibility are key to a multifunctional analytical instrument. The D8 ADVANCE is a true multifunctional platform incorporating simple to exchange optic modules, automatic component recognition and intuitive software. The ultimate ease-of-use comes in the form of the TWIN and TRIO primary optics where the primary beam can be swapped from divergent beam for powders, parallel beam for coating analysis and a fully monochromatized beam for epitaxial thin film analysis. This versatility extends to multi-mode detectors in the LYNXEYE and EIGER families, allowing collection of 0D, 1D and 2D data sets.


Elemental Analysis for Industrial Materials with Benchtop S6 JAGUAR

The S6 JAGUAR benchtop WDXRF system is perfectly suited for grade control of commodities, such as iron, nickel or copper ores, as well as sands, feldspars or limestone. Its 400-W power, high spectral resolution and optimal detection leads to high analytical precision and accuracy. Software and hardware of the S6 JAGUAR are ideally configured to enable best-in-class results and optimal productivity for a range of industrial applications. Read on to learn about S6 JAGUAR applications in silica sands, limestone, ore, and coal.



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