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A Fresh Start

Throughout the last months we have been very busy here at Bruker, creating new digital experiences for you in 2021.

One of these you see right in front of you: a fresh, new design for the FIRST Newsletter – a new layout that should be easier to read, not only on your desktop, but also on your mobile devices.

The second is a new look and feel to our website: www.bruker.com – offering more content and easier navigation, you'll find everything you need to explore life and material sciences at molecular, cellular and atomic levels.

From analyzing art to welding metals, food to pharmaceuticals, additive manufacturing to battery research, our extended Applications section has hundreds of new applications for you to discover.

Dynamic elements ensure that you will have always the latest information right at your fingertips.

We're happy to share all this new material with you and hope that you will enjoy the new experience: Never stop discovering.

Food and Agriculture

XRF Elemental Analysis Solutions for Food and Agriculture

Knowledge about the elemental composition of food and feed products, as well as of the raw materials used in the production process, is critical for meeting modern quality and safety standards. Bruker XRF analyzers – including TXRF, micro-XRF, lab XRF, and portable XRF – cover all your food safety screening and quality monitoring needs.


XRF S6 JAGUAR Limestone

S6 JAGUAR Quality Control of Limestone: Precision, Accuracy and Reliability with Compact Benchtop WDXRF

The benchtop S6 JAGUAR is a powerful sequential WDXRF spectrometer, capable of achieving excellent elemental analysis results for critical minor and trace elements in limestone production. In this lab report, we demonstrate the S6 JAGUAR's precision and accuracy in the quality control of elements, such as Fe, Mg, Mn and Na, in limestone and similar mineral materials.


XRD Mineralogy

The Reynolds Cup for Quantitative Mineralogy

The Reynolds Cup is a global, biennial event organized by the Clay Minerals Society with the goal of testing and improving the analytical techniques used in characterizing complex mineral samples. The winners of the 2020 competition, Qmineral Analysis & Consulting of Belgium, used a Bruker D8 ADVANCE diffractometer with LYNXEYE XE-T, along with clever sample preparation methods and DIFFRAC.TOPAS quantification methods. We asked Qmineral for some insights into their successful approach.



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