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Quality and safety are non-negotiables when it comes to drugs and personal care products! The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other institutions regulate, for instance, the allowed concentrations of toxic elements such as As, Cd, Hg, and Pb in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Choosing the right analytical tool for the right task helps to minimize risks, while streamlining manufacturing and reducing costs.


X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry is a fast and accurate technique with the potential to analyze inorganic impurities at ppm or even sub-ppm level in many types of raw materials, intermediate, and final products. Compared to techniques like ICP-OES or ICP-MS, XRF requires minimal sample preparation, reducing the time-to-result substantially. Key advantages of XRF also include ease-of-use and low operation costs. Hence, XRF is particularly suitable for raw material verification and production monitoring.


Do you want to learn more? We invite you to join us on March 15th 2023 for a live 60-minute online seminar dedicated to applications of XRF: Where to Use XRF in Pharma and Cosmetics: From Raw Material Verification to Monitoring of Heavy Metal Impurities.


The seminar will include live demonstrations of our XRF instruments and an interactive Q&A session. Choose your time slot and register now:


9:00 AM CEST          4:00 PM CEST


If you cannot attend, feel free to register anyway, and we will send you a link to the recording and slides afterward. All are welcome and there is no charge to attend.


We look forward to meeting you online!

Reconnecting with the Crystallography Community in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA) is a regional associate of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) that promotes communication and collaboration among crystallographic researchers in Asia and Oceania. Bruker AXS was a proud sponsor of AsCA's 2022 Conference, held in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, in early November. We exhibited our SC-XRD and XRD instruments, including our PHOTON III detector, IμS DIAMOND II source, and D2 PHASER diffractometer.


My Journey to Southern Africa with Crystallography: Part 1

As Head of Applications SC-XRD, Dr. Tobias Stuerzer spends much of his time with customers, which is one of the reasons he likes what he does so much. In fall 2022, he traveled to Southern Africa with an ambitious and filled agenda and was at six different universities giving training and assistance to several groups using our single-crystal diffractometers. Join Tobias in his journey, part 1!


S6 JAGUAR: Highly Accurate Grade Control of Nickel Ores with WDXRF

Laterite is a type of rock that's rich in iron and aluminum oxides. It's also an increasingly important source for nickel, which is currently in high demand for use in electric vehicle batteries. The low-grade laterite mineral is mined in large open pit operations, where grade control is vital for the optimization of the nickel production process. Sequential WDXRF spectrometry, specifically with the S6 JAGUAR, is well established for the analysis of laterite to assess the mineral grade, both in mining operations and at smelter plants. This lab report shows the outstanding performance of the S6 JAGUAR in grade control of nickel ores.



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