Investment Protection in Times of Innovation

Smart phones, Wi-Fi, autonomous vehicles – innovations like these are making our lives easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. At the same time, innovations are driving economic growth. In the U.S. alone, approximately 50% of the annual GDP growth can be attributed to increases in innovation.

At Bruker AXS, we have a long tradition of innovation in analytical X-ray solutions. Our R&D team delivers an ongoing stream of new products, turning new technologies and new ideas into innovations and products for analytical X-ray analysis.

Today, scientists using our products take advantage of solutions with higher sensitivity, faster data acquisition, and software packages that are tailored to their needs, i.e. with continuous feedback and a user-selectable level of automation. When designing new products or new components, we always take upgradeability of existing instrumentation into account and spend a significant amount of development resources to enable backward compatibility.

This holds true for our ongoing innovations in X-ray sources and detectors for our D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE SC-XRD solutions. Initially shipped IµS 2.0 sources have been superseded by higher-intensity IµS 3.0 sources with a tube design dedicated to the needs of diffraction, and even more by advances in the IµS DIAMOND, taking advantage of an eight times higher thermal conductivity of diamond compared to conventional copper heat sinks. On the X-ray detector end, improvements in the underlying sensor technology enabled the development of large active area photon-counting detectors, using the indirect, mixed-mode detection approach, identical to the latest technology developed at 4th generation synchrotrons and XFEL facilities.

This example is just one of many describing the philosophy of sustainability behind all our product development. Whenever new instrumentation based on technology innovations becomes available, it most likely will be made available with an upgrade path for existing systems. Protect your investment, and stay tuned for the latest developments in SC-XRD.

Bruker Clean Technology Analysis Solutions Drive Sustainable Energy and Battery Research

A major new installation by Bruker is enabling sustainable energy leader, US-based Dragonfly Energy, to accelerate its pioneering battery technology research with a differentiated high-performance in-house research facility. Dedicated to lithium and next-generation solid-state battery optimization, the site features a range of high-tech analytical instrumentation to help drive the global conversion to renewable energy. Dragonfly Energy has invested in the new facility, including D8 DISCOVER Plus and D2 PHASER X-ray diffractometers, in response to rapid growth in demand for its sustainable battery technology. Its research focuses on developing non-toxic lithium batteries in a solvent-free process and on exploring new innovations within its patented solid-state cell technology, for high-grade renewable energy storage.



Distributor in the Spotlight

Micro Photonics Inc., a premium partner of Bruker AXS headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA), is a leading source of advanced instrumentation for scientific and industrial research. As Bruker's partner in the USA for 3D X-ray microscopy based on micro-CT technology for life science and materials science, the company has been providing instruments, training, support, and laboratory services to research scientists since 1992. Thousands of clients rely on Micro Photonics for innovative solutions, superior products, application assistance, system support, and comprehensive laboratory contract service. Micro Photonics provides solutions for micro-CT imaging, surface wear testing, thin film deposition, and surface science. George Ferrio (CEO/CFO), Timothy Sledz (President & COO), and Benjamin Ache (Product Manager, Bruker Micro-CT) assert that the company's success can be attributed to its people: talented scientists who have the curiosity and knowledge to offer intelligent collaboration to customers. The rapid and thoughtful response to questions, genuine interest in the research, application-specific training, and commitment to customer support, assures customers that they have chosen a lifelong partner in Micro Photonics.



D8 QUEST ECO – Undergraduate Research and Teaching at Radford University

Training sessions are extraordinary moments spent with our customers and visiting with the Radford University, Virginia was no exception. Dr. Michael Ruf, Bruker Senior Manager of Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (SC-XRD), provided training on the D8 QUEST ECO at the Chemistry Department, and together with Dr. George Harakas, Associate Professor, demonstrated that it doesn’t take a huge investment to succeed in ambitious research goals and to contribute to better teaching and learning – opening new horizons for students and experienced crystallographers alike.



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