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Ensuring food quality and safety comes down to sourcing the right ingredients, and handling or treating ingredients properly during production. To guarantee that food products meet stringent safety and nutritional requirements, raw materials need to be checked and production processes need to be monitored. Verifying incoming goods, and ensuring that production processes do not cause any contamination and yield products with the right properties, such as structure, texture, taste, and nutrients, requires reliable analytical tools. One such analytical tool is quantitative analysis of elemental composition, meaning measurement of the concentration of mineral nutrients and potential trace element contaminants.


For both raw material verification and production quality control, short time-to-results, ease-of-use and low cost-of-operation are key benefits of an elemental analyzer. In many cases, X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry is the optimal technology and Bruker’s spectrometers are ready for the task.


Want more food for thought? Join us for a free, 1-hour, online seminar, From Raw Materials to Final Food & Feed: Rapid Analysis of Mineral Nutrients with XRF, where we will present our XRF solutions, demonstrate food analysis applications live from the lab, and answer any questions you may have.


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Analysis of Aluminum Alloys with the Q4 POLO

Aluminum alloys are soft and lightweight, with physical properties that make them ideal for a wide range of aerospace, automotive and marine applications. Properties such as heat transfer rate, corrosion resistance, strength and ductility depend directly on alloy composition. Our new Q4 POLO, a spark Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES), can accurately analyze all common aluminum alloys, covering all relevant elements and a wide range of concentrations. This lab report demonstrates the accuracy and precision of the Q4 POLO in the analysis of several Al-base Certified Reference Materials (CRMs).


Distributor in the Spotlight

Advanced Biochemicals Company (ABCO) is a premium partner of Bruker AXS in Egypt, lead by Dr. Hisham Abd El-Hamid and Mr. Nasser Hosny. Dr. Adb El-Hamid has managed the analytical instruments business in Egypt since 1995. ABCO offers a wide range of scientific instruments from Bruker AXS, including XRD, SC-XRD, XRF, XRM, OES, CS/ONH. ABCO realizes that customer satisfaction is the most important mission. Thus, they also provide consulting, application, and technical support through their highly trained engineers and technicians to ensure our customers are successful in solving their challenging analytical problems and keeping their instruments in prime condition. If you visit their Photo Gallery, you can view installations at key customer sites. We look forward, together, to providing new and existing customers alike with value-added solutions and outstanding service.


S6 JAGUAR WDXRF for Process and Quality Control of Limestone in a Cement Works 

Cement is the most important material for infrastructure around the globe. Annual demand is growing, especially in Asia and developing regions. An increase in quality requirements has transformed the manufacturing of cement into processes that are more complex, but also deliver different cement products for specific purposes. Out of raw materials, like limestone and sand, different cement products are produced with precisely specified properties. When it comes to quality, the various cements must satisfy the highest demands. To efficiently accomplish this, constant product and process monitoring, as with the S6 JAGUAR, must be applied from the time the raw mix is prepared, through clinker production, right to the mixing processes.



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