In this issue:  Dynamic Beam Optimization for perfect powder diffraction data automatically, remote support success stories, upgrades to SPECTRA.ELEMENTS software for S2 PUMAs, Live from the Lab latest episodes, updated YouTube channel for Bruker Nano Analytics.




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FIRST Newsletter Oct 2020



X-ray & Elemental Analysis

October 2020, Issue 55

Welcome New Readers

With this issue of Bruker AXS's FIRST Newsletter, we welcome the customers and contacts of our sister company, Bruker Nano Analytics, to our growing list of readers.

Bruker Nano Analytics (BNA) is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and, like Bruker AXS, has sales, service and production sites all over the world. With three main business units – EMA (electron microscope analyzers), XMA (X-ray micro-analyzers), and HMP (handheld mobile portable analyzers) – BNA develops, manufactures and markets analytical X-ray instruments for elemental and structural analysis at the micro- and nano-scale, including:

  • EDS (energy-dispersive spectrometers) for scanning electron microscopes: QUANTAX EDS for SEM

  • WDS (wavelength-dispersive spectrometers) for scanning electron microscopes: QUANTAX WDS for SEM

  • EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction) systems for electron microscopes: QUANTAX EBSD

  • Micro-XRF (X-ray fluorescence) spectrometers for electron microscopes: QUANTAX Micro-XRF

  • Micro-XRF standalone mobile and benchtop systems:

  • TXRF (total reflection X-ray fluorescence) spectrometers:
    S2 PICOFOX and S4 T-STAR

  • HH-XRF (handheld X-ray fluorescence) spectrometers: S1 TITAN, TRACER 5, and CTX

  • HH-LIBS (handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyzers: EOS 500

BNA's network of sales and service offices worldwide stand ready to discuss your applications and answer your analytical questions. Feel free to contact us online to inquire about their products and services.

In This Issue


Dynamic Beam Optimization

Bruker's unique Dynamic Beam OptimizationTM (DBO) feature sets a significant new benchmark in terms of data quality for X-ray diffraction and scattering applications. The software-controlled synchronization of a motorized divergence slit, motorized anti-scatter screen, and variable detector field of view provides measurement data virtually free of air, instrument, and sample holder scattering – specifically at low angles 2θ. DBO is available for D8 ADVANCE, D8 DISCOVER and D8 ENDEAVOR diffractometers. Existing diffractometers can be easily upgraded. 
Learn more:
   Product Sheet: Dynamic Beam Optimization
   Video: What is Dynamic Beam Optimization?
   Video: Perfect Powder Diffraction Data, Automatically?


Remote Support Success Story: Universidade Federal Fluminense


UFF Users








Installation of a D2 PHASER at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Bruker remote support, went flawlessly. We also performed remote training for the end users, ensuring a maximum level of satisfaction!


Upgrade Your S2 PUMA with Next-Generation SPECTRA.ELEMENTS Software


The next generation of Bruker's powerful and versatile spectrometer software, SPECTRA.ELEMENTS, is now available for all S2 PUMA users. Key benefits of upgrading include:

  • Enhanced speed, for smooth operation, shorter measurement times, and faster evaluation
  • Improved user interface, making the software even more intuitive and flexible
  • New features, such as basic and advanced modes that make your life easier

Did you know that this upgrade can be done by our Service Engineers? So, why not combine this upgrade with a Preventive Maintenance Service Visit? If you purchase this upgrade together with a planned maintenance visit, installation of the software upgrade is free of charge!

For more information, please contact your local service support office, or fill out a request form and one of our dedicated Service Engineers will get back you.

Live from the Lab

Live from the Lab

Live from the Lab is a series of YouTube videos where we explore Bruker AXS technologies and products. Each month we broadcast live from the Application Studio in Madison, Wisconsin, featuring insights from experts into a wide range of fields. Subscribe to our YouTube BrukerTV channel for the livestream or watch it later on-demand.
Watch now:
   August episode: What is IPGID? 
   September episode: Resolution in XRM
October episode: Perfect Powder Diffraction Data,


Remote Support Success Story: Molecular Polymorphism Laboratory


Molecular Polymorphism Laboratory Users

Installation of a D2 PHASER at the Molecular Polymorphism Laboratory of Senai Roberto Mange in Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil also went smoothly, thanks to remote support. Even during a pandemic, our engineers take action, innovate and overcome challenges, always focusing on quality of service.



Rapid Stage

Updated YouTube Channel for Bruker Nano Analytics


Bruker Nano Analytics has organized existing videos on their YouTube channel into the categories "Electron Microscope Analyzers (EDS, WDS, EBSD, Micro-XRF on SEM)", "Micro-XRF", "Total Reflection XRF Analysis (TXRF), and "Handheld-Mobile-Portable XRF". They have also added a new video, Micro-XRF on SEM: Rapid Stage for Elemental Mapping. Rapid Stage is a modular piezo-based stage designed to be mounted on top of standard SEM stages to enable high-speed mapping over large areas.
View video  

Must-See Bruker TV

Incoatec vDXC Video

Coordinated Development of Tubes and Optics: New Possibilities for X-ray Analytics - presentation by Moritz Schlie, R&D Project Manager, Incoatec GmbH, for virtual Denver X-ray Conference 2020. In this 17-minute video, you'll learn about the combined competencies of Incoatec and Bruker in the engineering of multilayer X-ray optics, such as Montel optics, Göbel mirrors, and XRF monochromatizers.

Special Promotion

EIGER2 Multitude Measurement Modes

For a limited time, we are offering our EIGER2 R 500K detector as an upgrade for D8 DISCOVER and D8 ADVANCE DaVinci systems, at 20% off list price.

More information

Bruker Training Office Hours

Continuing through December this year, Bruker Training Office Hours are free, 1-hour, online, live, interactive Applications Training sessions, offered in different time zones and multiple languages. Sign up once for a series and attend as many of its sessions as you like. Drop in for a few minutes or stay the hour, learn new methods during the brief training presentation, chat with your fellow attendees, bring your questions, and discuss your applications with our experts.
Check Schedule & Sign Up

Pre-owned Systems Available


Bruker offers pre-owned and demo systems for an attractive price. All systems are completely refurbished and come with a one-year warranty. Currently available for SC-XRD: four D8 VENTUREs and one D8 QUEST.
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Upcoming Webinars

10 Nov 2020
Advanced Sample Preparation by Broad Ion Beam Milling for EBSD Analyses - In cooperation with E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc.

On-Demand Webinars

High-Speed Particle Analysis using Feature in the ESPRIT Software

XRF Data Processing in Art and Conservation with ESPRIT Reveal

EDS of Semiconductor Lamellae in SEM (T-SEM) and STEM

Element Mapping for Life Science

Nanostructural Characterization of Semiconductors with SEM

In Cooperation with Leica: Advanced Material Characterization in SEM with EBSD Analysis

Light Element Analysis (C, S / O, N, H) Solutions for Additive Manufacturing of Metals

Elemental Analysis of Food and Feed Products with XRF

Industrieminerale: Effiziente Qualitätskontrolle mittels moderner RFA

Zement: Prozessnahe Analyse aller Materialien bis zum fertigen Produkt mittels RFA

RFA-Software in neuem Gewand - SPECTRA.ELEMENTS


Events & Tradeshows

11 Nov 2020
JASIS 2020 - Japan Analytical Scientific Instruments Show - Tokyo, Japan


22 Mar 2021
ARABLAB+ - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


18 Apr 2021
IMPC 2020 - International Mineral Processing Congress - Cape Town, South Africa


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