In this issue:  COVID-19 lung imaging with SKYSCAN, new Mapping Stage for S2 PUMA Series 2, O and H determination in copper, portable XRF video collection, new XFlash large-area high-collection-angle EDS detectors, ultra-low S analysis in automotive fuels, C and S determination in ore concentrates, summer SC-XRD webinars, microanalysis system upgrades, videos of ELIO in action for art conservation, Live from the Lab episodes, NRecon 2.0 phase retrieval imaging, heavy metals in cosmetics, DXC 2020 Virtual Booth, talks and presentations.




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X-ray & Elemental Analysis

August 2020, Issue 54

Entering the New Reality

Welcome to the latest edition of the FIRST Newsletter. Although 2020 has brought us many challenges, one of the bright spots has been the way digital communication is bringing the world together. From Facebook updates and Amazon shopping to Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams collaborations, we have all started to grow accustomed to learning, laughing, shopping and working through our devices. This will be one of the most impactful and long lasting changes that comes from the coronavirus crisis, a better understanding of how to maintain close communication and collaboration, even when we are separated in different parts of town or across an ocean.


In some ways, we may think of this as a change of course, but the reality is that it is a path that we were already on, just now at a more accelerated pace. For the Millennial generation, digital communication comes naturally. But for those who remember a time when you had to wait for vacation photographs to be developed or a time when the only phone in the house had a cord, this transition has been a significant change.


At Bruker we are embracing this digital transformation by offering a wide variety of digital activities and content. 

  • In lieu of traditional conferences and exhibitions, our resources have been channeled into virtual events. Some are run by familiar organizations such as ICDD's Denver X-ray Conference and Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M), while others are being coordinated internally such as our EPDIC Luncheon and Bruker Booth Ceramics.
  • Even though it has become difficult for us to meet for in-person training, we have several avenues to provide the same content in a more convenient form. This includes our weekly Bruker Training Office Hours series and options for personalized or group digital training courses. 
  • Innovation at Bruker continues and we often have some very exciting news to communicate. Bruker Webinars and our YouTube channel offer a great way to keep up with the latest techniques and technologies. Tune into our monthly Live from the Lab broadcast for a look at some of these techniques in action, including insights from the people who work with them every day.
  • Bruker Service has also been very busy ensuring everyone's instruments are up and running through phone support and tools like the Augmented Reality Help Lightning software, while our local field support network is ready for a site visit with minimum travel. For new installations, many have opted out of a visit entirely and are performing self-installation of equipment with the assistance of our service group over the phone.
  • Our sales and application team has been busy with video conferences and live product demos using high definition video and audio.


In the future we believe that many of the above activities will not only continue, but will expand as we embrace the return to our new normal.


In This Issue

SKYSCAN Lung Research

COVID-19 Research Engages Bruker's SKYSCAN User Community

Biomedical research is making a pivot toward pulmonary research to address the urgent need to know more about COVID-19 pneumonia, and to find means for its prevention and cure. The group of Greetje Vande Velde at Leuven, Belgium are playing a leading role in this effort. The powerful lung imaging performance of SKYSCAN in vivo microCT scanners is proving to be a key asset in the response of the global scientific community to the pandemic. Already this group have found out how the hamster – the preferred animal model for COVID-19 – differs from the mouse in its breathing and thus how to fine-tune the scanner and software for lung-synchronized (gated) imaging. Important discoveries are being made “on the fly” with fast-developing COVID-19 research. 
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PDF XRF S2 PUMA with Mapping Stage

S2 PUMA Series 2 with Mapping Stage: Automated Multi-Spot Quality Monitoring for Coatings and More

To help you monitor product quality, Bruker introduces a versatile motion stage for the S2 PUMA Series 2 EDXRF spectrometer. This mapping stage makes 1D quality monitoring easy and efficient. It allows you to spatially quantify the elemental composition of your product with the push of a button. 
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G6 LEONARDO: Fast and Reliable Oxygen and Hydrogen Determination in Copper


Oxygen and hydrogen in pure copper compromise the conductivity and mechanical properties of the material. Determining the amount of these elements is therefore essential for process and quality control in copper production and refining. The G6 LEONARDO is an efficient, cost-effective means of measuring O and H in copper and other metals. 
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Wbpg BNA Video Collection

Handheld-Mobile-Portable XRF Video Collection

Want to learn how portable XRF is used for healthy plants and soils? Need to know which is the healthiest breakfast drink: coffee, tea, cocoa or an energy mix? Curious about how to identify physical contaminants in food products? Watch our videos to find out!

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BNA XFlash product release

Soon to be released:
XFlash®6 T 100 oval for TEM/STEM and XFlash®6|100 RT for SEM
Bruker's new large area, high collection angle EDS detector with an oval "Ractetrack"- type 100-mm2 SDD


The specific shape and state of the art slim-line design of the SDD and detector finger as well allow to optimize the acquisition geometry in unprecedented ways.

The X-ray collection angle of this windowless system is carefully customized for each microscope type. It was demonstrated to reach up to 0.7 sr at over 13° take-off angle in specific STEM geometry enabling atom column EDS and single atom identification within seconds [1].

[1] R M Stroud, et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 108 (2016) 163101.


S2 POLAR: ISO 13032-compliant Analysis of Ultra-Low Concentration of Sulfur in Automotive Fuels

Our benchtop EDXRF S2 POLAR masters all the requirements for low and ultra-low sulfur analysis in various automotive fuels and is fully norm-compliant with standard ISO 13032. It's even suitable for determining sulfur levels much below the maximum regulated limit of 10 ppm S.
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G4 ICARUS Series 2: Fast and Reliable Carbon and Sulfur Determination in Ore Concentrates, Metal-Bearing Ores and Related Materials

In the metal recovery process, determining the carbon and sulfur level in metal-bearing ores is a necessary step for the mine operation to control the metallurgical process kinetics and to assess environmental aspects of the process waste. With its high-frequency induction furnace, our G4 ICARUS Series 2 carbon and sulfur analyzer is up to the task.
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PDF FN SCD Lab Lockdown Powers Webinars

Lab Lockdown Inspires SC-XRD Webinars

Our three SC-XRD webinars this summer presented ideas for getting the most from your X-ray crystallography instrument during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. This article provides a brief recap of our recent webinars on structure determination solutions for molecules small and large, in case you missed one or would like to view them again.
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BNA Microanalysis Windows 10 ESPRIT Upgrades

Upgrade Your Microanalysis System - Reach Out for the Next Level with Windows® 10


Bruker offers a futureproof upgrade to the latest operating system Windows® 10 to meet IT security guidelines as well as to ensure system integrity after Windows® 7 end of support. Workstation upgrades are available for QUANTAX EDS, QUANTAX EBSD, QUANTAX WDS, and QUANTAX Micro-XRF on SEM. Working with Windows® 10 not only allows for efficient workflows and fastest measurements but also keeps you up-to-date and ensures ongoing upgradability of your measurement system with new hardware and software features.

ESPRIT 2 is the micro- and nano-analysis software for SEM and TEM. The software package unites the four analysis methods under a single user interface, making it easy to switch between methods with a single mouse click. Additionally, ESPRIT 2 facilitates combining different method results from the same sample area and thus gaining much more information. The 64-bit software architecture supports easy handling of large datasets, detailed setup of measurements as well as in-depth analysis of results and task automation.

Bruker micro- and nano-analysis systems are equipped with high-performance hardware components and the intuitive and easy-to-use ESPRIT software – already working with Windows® 10.

Please get in touch with your local service engineer today at; or

BNA ELIO Arts & Conservation Videos

Art & Conservation: Check out our ELIO in action at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, UK


Video Part I: Learn more in the interview of Dr. Paola Ricciardi, Senior Research Scientist at The Fitzwilliam Museum, about her activity in analyzing miniatures with micro-XRF in which Bruker's ELIO is measuring some miniatures from Isaac Oliver.

Video Part II: Listen to Dr. Paola Ricciardi, Senior Research Scientist at the Fitzwilliam Museum, as she explains analyzing layers and alterations on painted artworks with micro-XRF mapping.

Video Part III: Dr. Christine Slottved Kimbriel, Assistant to the Director & Senior Painting Conservator at the Hamilton Kerr Institute – University of Cambridge, talks about the benefits of XRF mapping for the study of miniatures.

XRD Live from the Lab IPGID YT video

Live from the Lab

Live from the Lab is a web series where we explore Bruker AXS technologies and products. Each month we broadcast live from the Application Studio in Madison, Wisconsin, featuring insights from experts into a wide range of fields. Join us on our YouTube BrukerTV channel for the livestream or watch it later on-demand.

June Live from the Lab: What is XRM?

July Live from the Lab: What is XRD?

August Live from the Lab: What is IPGID? 

Sorghum Root

The New NRecon Version 2.0 Features Phase Retrieval Imaging

XRM's reconstruction software NRecon 2.0 includes many important new capabilities, and one of these is phase retrieval 3D reconstruction. The phase retrieval method of Paganin is one of a class of techniques termed "phase contrast". This method note provides an overview of the technique and describes how to do phase retrieval imaging of your own XRM scans.
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PDF BNA CTX Heavy Metals in Cosmetics

CTX Quick Check App: Heavy Metals in Cosmetics

Heavy metals, including lead (Pb), arsenic (As) and mercury (Hg), are found in some cosmetics. Read how the portable CTX can be used for high-level concentration pre-screening to help ensure consumer safety. 
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Must-See Bruker TV

DXC 2020 Virtual Booth Video

DXC 2020 Virtual Booth - Welcome to our Denver X-ray Conference 2020 "virtual booth"! In this 5-minute video, you'll see and learn about all the analytical X-ray instruments we would have had at the show.

DXC 2020 - A Virtual Event

DXC 2020 A Virtual Event

Bruker AXS proudly sponsored the DXC Virtual Event App, making it possible for registered attendees to access the conference proceedings from any device, on any browser, from any part of the world. Thank you, ICDD and Conference Organizing Committee, for hosting DXC and allowing the X-ray community to connect online this year!

Here are just a few of Bruker's technical talks and posters:

New Innovations in the Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus Diffractometer - presentation video by B. Jones, N. Henderson, S. Rodesney, M. Zimmermann

High Energy X-ray Applications: PDF and in-operando Studies with EIGER2 R 500K - poster by N. Henderson, B. Jones, N. Yang, M. Evans

Low-level Elemental Analysis of Filters - poster by J. Sedlmair

Workshop on Agricultural Applications: Portable XRF for Soils, Plants & Fertilizer - presentation video by K. Russell

Sample Preparation for Portable XRF Analysis of Plant Samples - poster by A. Lee, K. Russell

Bruker Training Office Hours

Open to existing users of Bruker
X-ray Diffraction, X-ray Microscopy, X-ray Fluorescence, CS/ONH Analysis, Optical Emission Spectrometry, and Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction instruments, Bruker Training Office Hours are free, 1-hour, online, live, interactive, weekly Applications Training sessions, offered in three different time zones and multiple languages. Sign up once for a series and attend as many of its live weekly sessions as you like. Drop in for a few minutes or stay the hour, learn new methods during the brief training presentation, chat with your fellow attendees, bring your questions, and discuss your applications with our experts.

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Virtual Events for X-ray Diffraction and Elemental Analysis

There has never been a better time to learn something new.

Bruker AXS is committed to keeping you up to date on the latest in our solutions and applications. This webpage will serve as your resource for all of our upcoming X-ray Diffraction, Microscopy, and Elemental Analysis digital events, including webinars, online trainings, and virtual meetings.
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Mid-Year Tube Sale

X-ray Tube

We understand that funding is difficult at present, but we can help! Bruker AXS Service is offering a 10% discount on all X-ray tubes for XRD, SC-XRD and XRF instruments through the end of August 2020. Order your preventative maintenance visit together with a new tube and we will even install your new tube for free. Register now to take advantage of our Mid-Year Tube Sale and place your order before August 31st!

Pre-owned Systems Available


Bruker offers pre-owned and demo systems for an attractive price. All systems are completely refurbished and come with a one-year warranty. Currently available for XRD: two D8 ADVANCEs and one D8 DISCOVER.
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Upcoming Webinars

18 Aug 2020
In cooperation with Leica: Advanced Material Characterization in SEM with EBSD Analysis

27 Aug 2020
Light Element Analysis (C, S / O, N, H) Solutions for Additive Manufacturing of Metals

02 Sep 2020
Elemental Analysis of Food and Feed Products with XRF

On-Demand Webinars

Smallest Crystals: How Modern Microfocus Sources Can Help You Determine the Structure from Weak Diffractors

Macromolecular Crystallography at Newcastle Structural Biology Lab

Ways to Improve the Productivity of Your Single Crystal Diffractometer

The Importance of Good Sample Preparation

Elemental Analysis for the Iron, Steel & Metal Industry by OES, XRF and Combustion/Fusion

Introduction to Analysis of Light Elements (C,S / O,N,H) in Inorganic Materials

Bruker Booth Ceramics 2020 - A Virtual Tradeshow

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Own Secondary Standards for XRF

G4 ICARUS Series 2 - Why We're the Best Choice

G4 PHOENIX for Diffusible Hydrogen in Welds and Metals

Seeing the World Through Other Eyes: Optimizing the Visualization of Sample Composition by micro-XRF

Advanced Elemental Analysis of Semiconductors and Microelectronics using QUANTAX WDS for SEM

TRACER: The Benchmark in Handheld XRF for Cultural Heritage

Quickly Analyze Nutrients, Additives, and Contaminants in Food, Feed, Supplements, and Beverages with pXRF and TXRF

Investigation of Concrete by Means of micro-XRF

Events & Tradeshows

11 Nov 2020
JASIS 2020 - Japan Analytical Scientific Instruments Show - Tokyo, Japan


22 Mar 2021
ARABLAB+ - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


2020 Apr 2021
IMPC 2020 - International Mineral Processing Congress - Cape Town, South Africa


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