In this issue:  Elemental analysis of petrochemicals, improved structure models with IDEAL, SPECTRA.ELEMENTS version 3, RAPID EBSD for grain sizing and texture, new MARPOL package for CTX 500S, TOPAS Users' Meeting, QC of iron ores with S6 JAGUAR, high-throughput screening with D8 DISCOVER, new G6 LEONARDO fusion analyzer, on-axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction in SEM, micro-CT CTAN version 1.19.


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February 2020, Issue 51

The 125th Year of the X-ray

125 years ago, in 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen became the first person to observe X-rays. A physicist at the University of Würzburg, Germany, Röntgen's discovery happened accidentally when he noticed a fluorescent glow coming from nearby crystals while testing whether cathode rays could pass through glass. He named the rays that caused the glow X-rays because of their unknown nature.

Röntgen conducted further experiments to better understand his discovery. He learned that X-rays could be used as a diagnostic tool in medicine, to reveal bones, tumors, bullets, jewelry, and other dense objects in the human body. He also learned that X-rays act similarly to light waves and lie on the electromagnetic spectrum. In his work, Röntgen observed transmission/absorption and fluorescence, but not interference or diffraction. He was awarded the first-ever Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.

Scientists and inventors quickly realized the benefits of X-rays as well, developing and applying X-ray tubes, photographic plates, generators, detectors, cameras, sensors, spectrometers, microscopes, telescopes, synchrotrons, and scanners to see inside everyday objects and understand the physical world. Today, X-rays have transformed not only diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, but also astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering and materials science.

With this issue of FIRST Newsletter, we begin a year-long celebration of the X-ray!

In This Issue

Bruker Solutions for Petrochemicals – Elemental Analysis at a Fingertip

Bruker offers best-in-class turnkey solutions for the entire production chain of the petrochemical industry – from discovery, development, up to final process and quality control – contributing to an increase in productivity and profit. Learn how the S2 PUMA, S8 TIGER Series 2,
D2 PHASER, D8 ENDEAVOR, D8 ADVANCE, S6 JAGUAR, S2 POLAR, and PETRO-QUANT and POLYMER-QUANT packages fuel up your petrochemical applications.
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Improved Models with IDEAL (Invariom Derived Electron AnaLysis)

IDEAL extends the classic Independent Atom Model (IAM) to aspherical atom models, which allows for modeling of bond and lone-pair density. More accurate structure models with significantly improved bond precision are obtained, resulting in distinctly reduced residual densities. Applying IDEAL helps to identify incorrect atom assignments and missed atoms or disorder, even in metal complexes, making IDEAL a potential tool for structure validation. IDEAL is seamlessly integrated into APEX3, and is intuitive and easy to use.
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SPECTRA.ELEMENTS V3 – Enhanced Speed and Usability


Bruker has released the 3rd generation of the powerful instrument control software SPECTRA.ELEMENTS for the S2 POLAR (polarized EDXRF), S2 PUMA (high-end EDXRF), and the S6 JAGUAR (benchtop WDXRF). Version 3 comes with an overall improved user experience:

  • Enhanced workflow decreases time-to-result
  • Faster data processing for rapid evaluation
  • More flexible display features
  • Customizable Basic Mode to hide features not required for routine analysis
  • Improved reporting and post-processing functions
  • Drift Monitor tool for continuous data quality assurance 

All the benefits and features of the previous versions are included, like 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and LIMS capability.


RAPID EBSD, an Alternative to Fast EBSD Mapping

RAPID EBSD is a new and powerful ESPRIT 2 software package feature based on a method developed at Imperial College in London, UK. It combines high quality ARGUSTM ForeScatter Electron (FSE) images with state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithms and sparse EBSD/EDS data acquisition to reconstruct normal EBSD/EDS maps in the shortest time possible. Applications include grain sizing, crystallographic texture analysis, characterization of materials with a very weak diffraction signal, and analysis of beam-sensitive samples.
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Bruker Introduces Portable XRF MARPOL CTX™ 500S Analyzer for Easy Testing of IMO 2020 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil


Bruker introduces a complete solution for testing and verifying adherence to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Standard Requirement. The new MARPOL package is based on the portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer CTX™ 500S, and includes a MARPOL calibration setup, a quality control kit with sample cups, safety foil and QC standards. The CTX 500S enables reliable identification of elements present in solid or liquid samples, and precise determination of their amounts.
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15th TOPAS Users' Meeting


Bruker cordially invites you to the 15th TOPAS Users' Meeting, May 24-26, 2020 in Šibenik, Croatia, preceding the 17th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC17). Organized by Arnt Kern of Bruker AXS and Dragica Prill of Frankfurt University, the meeting provides a review of state-of-the-art profile fitting analyses using TOPAS, and hosts a program of invited speakers. Participation is open to anyone interested in learning more about TOPAS capabilities and applications. Presentations and example data will be distributed to participants as made available by the speakers.

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S6 JAGUAR: Quick Quality Control of Iron Ore Grades with Powerful Benchtop WDXRF


This lab report highlights the outstanding capabilities of the S6 JAGUAR for iron ore analysis. The S6 JAGUAR enables tight process control via accurate monitoring of iron ore composition. The beneficiation process is enhanced by using the S6 JAGUAR as a process control tool at-site with ease of use and little installation requirements, yet still offering a path to fully automated laboratories. With a fast time-to-result, the S6 JAGUAR adds real value to the beneficiation plant and provides quick payback.
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High-Throughput Screening with the D8 DISCOVER™ HTS Diffraction Solution

Well plates are often used in the development of pharmaceutical products, in crystallization studies or during polymorph screening. Powder XRD provides a wealth of information for these studies, such as phase identification, quantification of crystalline and amorphous parts, and crystallite size determination. Bruker’s D8 DISCOVER HTS system addresses the challenges of well-plate screening: small sample quantities, high sample throughput and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Paired with our powerful cluster analysis software, the D8 DISCOVER HTS is ready to analyze thousands of samples a week.
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New G6 LEONARDO Fusion Analyzer Now Open for Demos in Madison, WI

We're pleased to announce the new G6 LEONARDO, now available for demonstrations at our Madison, WI, US facility. The G6 LEONARDO performs rapid, precise elemental analysis of O, N, and H using inert gas fusion on inorganic matrices.

Now through July 1st, take advantage of our 2020 promotion, and with the purchase of a G6 LEONARDO in the US, receive either:

  • One full day of onsite application and maintenance training by an Application Scientist upon installation of a G6 LEONARDO, or
  • Two full days of application or maintenance training by an Application Scientist at our Madison, WI facility

Contact Sales Engineers Kristin Odegaard or Mike Baal for more information and to schedule a demonstration soon!

On-axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction in SEM

Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) in scanning electron microscopes (SEM) has become an established technique for orientation and phase mapping. Bruker's OPTIMUSTM TKD detector head enables "on-axis" TKD, with the advantage of capturing Kikuchi patterns where signal yield is strongest and distortions are minimized. With a spatial resolution of at least 2 nm, OPTIMUS TKD reveals features smaller than 10 nm. With a built-in ARGUSTM imaging system for dark- and bright-field imaging, the OPTIMUS TKD uncovers microstructure data, like dislocations, stacking faults, and residual strain. 
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What's New in 3D.SUITE CTAN version 1.19?

MicroCT Method Note 128 describes new features and improvements in CTAN version 1.19, which was released in January. Many of the frequently used operations in custom processing, such as morphological operations, ROI shrink-wrap, and thresholding, benefit from a significant speed enhancement with this new version. Ease of use has been improved as well. For example, it is now possible to switch between all views in custom processing using 'CTRL + number' shortcuts. Also, thresholding, morphological operations, and filtering plugins now have a preview mode. Several new thresholding methods were implemented too. 
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Must-See Bruker TV

SKYSCAN 1275 - 3D X-ray Microscopy for Everyone

Image of the Month

The aluminum sample above was made through additive manufacturing using bed fusion. The object was scanned with a SKYSCAN 1275 Micro-CT system. The bottom image shows a color-coded nominal - actual comparison, based on CAD data, made with VGSTUDIO MAX
Sample courtesy of IRT Duppigheim.
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See You at the Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting

DGK Conference / Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting
24-27 Feb 2020
Wrocław, Poland (Breslau, Germany)

Bruker and Incoatec are looking forward to meeting you at the Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting in Wrocław, Poland. You can find us at booth numbers 9 and 10, close to the poster area on the 1st floor of the conference center. Join us for an update on our new products and light refreshments during our popular lunchtime reception on Feb 26th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the Seminar Room, right after DGK's AK6 general meeting. Also, we invite you to attend our talk in the instrumentation session on Feb 27th at 11:00 am in Sala 10D, as well as our poster sessions.

Join Us at IFEX 2020

16th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment, Supplies and Services
28 Feb - 01 Mar 2020
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 

See how our latest innovations help you with quality OES metal analysis at Hall 2/3, Booth D51

Come See Us at Pittcon 2020

Pittcon 2020
01-05 Mar 2020
Chicago, IL, USA 

Meet us at booth 2124 and explore our many solutions for analytical chemistry, applied spectroscopy, and laboratory science.

Bruker at ANALYTICA 2020

31 Mar - 03 Apr 2020
Munich, Germany

Discover all our high-performance scientific research instruments and high-value analytical solutions for industry.

Contest Winners

On occasion of the 1000th IμS Microfocus source installation, Bruker and Incoatec had a balloon contest at ECM 2019. More than 90 helium balloons were released to the sky with postcards attached. A number of postcards were found, sent back to Incoatec, and the three whose postcards traveled the longest distance were the winners:

Artis Kons, University of Latvia- Artis Kons, University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry, won a hot air balloon ride. His postcard was found 62 km away from Vienna!
- Leila Noohinejad, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Hamburg, won a marzipan cake
- Vladena Bauerova, Institute of Molecular Biology SAS, Bratislava, won a marzipan cake

At AsCA 2019, Bruker's trivia quiz was a big hit. Almost 100 correctly answered questionnaires landed in the lottery box, and on the last day, a lucky winner was drawn.

Tanaya Bagga, National University of Singapore

Tanaya Bagga, a graduate student from the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, was the lucky winner of a set of wireless headphones.

Pre-owned Systems Available

Bruker offers pre-owned and demo systems for an attractive price. All systems are completely refurbished and come with a one-year warranty. Currently available: three benchtop XRD D2 PHASER demo systems with Cu radiation, LynxEye, and rotating sample stage.
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SC-XRD Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you own Bruker equipment for single crystal structure analysis, we want to hear from you! Fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey for a chance to win a new iPad. Drawings are held twice a year and winners are announced in FIRST Newsletter

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Training Courses 2020

Training courses, dates, and locations this year are now posted for our XRF, XRD, SC-XRD, OES, CS/ONH, Micro-XRF, TXRF, EDS, and EBSD instruments. In addition to Germany and USA, we now offer training in Brazil, India, and Korea. Classes fill up fast, so reserve your seat soon!

Quiz on X-rays

Wilhem RoentgenJust for fun, take this Quiz on
by Siemens, makers of medical X-ray machines since 1932.

Events & Tradeshows


24 Feb 2020
DGK Conference / Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting - Wrocław, Poland - Stand Nos. 9 & 10


28 Feb 2020
IFEX 2020 - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - International Foundry Exhibition


01 Mar 2020
Pittcon 2020 - Chicago, IL, USA 


12 Mar 2020
JSAP Spring 2020 - Yotsuya, Japan - Japan Society for Applied Physics


16 Mar 2020
ARABLAB 2020 - Dubai, UAE - Stand No. 524 Hall S3 German Pavilion


31 Mar 2020
ANALYTICA 2020 - Munich, Germany


14 Apr 2020
Korea Lab 2020 - Goyang, Korea


24 May 2020
TOPAS Users' Meeting 2020 - Šibenik, Croatia

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