In this issue:  PHOTON II detector products, Dynamic Beam Optimization video, pathogen protein structure solution, G6 LEONARDO ONH analyzer for additive manufacturing, lithium-battery Nobel Prize and XRD application notes, D8 DISCOVER Plus video, summary of SC-XRD workshop and training at Annamalai University in India, and brightest-ever METALJET D2 PLUS X-ray source.


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December 2019, Issue 50

Marking our Fiftieth Issue

Dear Reader,

How fitting that this, our 50th issue of our FIRST Newsletter, comes at the end of the 150th anniversary year of the Periodic Table. As you may already know, FIRST stands for Frontiers in Research, Science and Technology, a concept that we at Bruker AXS embrace every day as we develop instruments for academic and industrial endeavors.

Since its inception in August 2009, our FIRST Newsletter has brought elements of analytical X-ray applications, products, services and techniques to our customers and contacts around the globe. Circulation of FIRST Newsletter has increased twelve-fold over the past ten years. This 50th issue alone will be sent to over 200,000 subscribers, and I thank you for being one of them.

Let’s continue to discover new materials and new structures, creating new firsts and FIRST news, together.

Frank Burgaezy
President Bruker AXS Division


In This Issue

PHOTON II Detectors, Explained

What's the difference between an HPAD detector and the charge-integrating pixel-array detector (CPAD), PHOTON II? Why don't PHOTON II detectors suffer from charge-sharing? How sensitive are PHOTON II detectors to hard radiation, such as Ag Kα? Get answers to these questions and more from product sheet SC-XRD 54. The product sheet compares the PHOTON II 7 and the PHOTON II 14. Both are available for the D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE, but can also replace ancient CCD detectors in SMART APEX and KAPPA APEX systems. For more details on upgrade options, check out the upgrade brochure.
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Dynamic Beam Optimization – Perfect Powder Data, Automatically

In X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD), it is often the small details in the scan that make the difference. A subtle increase in background or the smallest peak from a minor phase can make the difference when extracting maximum value from the results. With Dynamic Beam Optimization (DBO), the instrument takes care of controlling the size and position of various optical components to ensure the best data quality every time. Watch the video to learn more.

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Novel In-house Structure of a Cognate Chaperone-Toxin Complex

Only a few weeks after installation of a new D8 VENTURE with PHOTON III and IμS DIAMOND, the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Kolkata submitted their first novel in-house structure to the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The new instrument was crucial to investigate the structure of a Cognate Chaperone-Toxin Complex essential for the pathogenicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This pathogen is solely responsible for more than 10% of hospital-acquired infections. 
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A Future-proof ONH Analyzer for Additive Manufacturing


In this interview, Dr. Peter Paplewski, Product Line Manager for spark-OES and CS/ONH-analysis at Bruker AXS GmbH, explains why elemental analysis is important in additive manufacturing and discusses the factors that can alter the composition of metal powders during the manufacturing process. He also points out the many advantages of the G6 LEONARDO ONH analyzer for monitoring the impact of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in powder metallurgic applications.
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Lithium Ion Batteries – Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019


Advances in energy storage have changed the world on both a personal and a global scale. When powering a new generation of electronic devices and the next generation of transportation, of utmost importance is having a source of reliable, long lasting power. XRD plays a pivotal role in understanding the fundamental mechanisms at work. From the intercalation of lithium to the integration of advanced two-dimensional materials, understanding the atomic level structure is paramount to optimizing cell characteristics.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 was awarded for development of lithium-ion batteries.
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Read about lithium-battery characterization in our XRD application notes:


National SC-XRD Workshop at Annamalai University

In cooperation with Annamalai University in Tamal Nadu, India, Bruker organized a two-day workshop on single crystal X-ray diffraction (SC-XRD), including user training, in September 2019. The goal of the workshop was to bring together beginner and experienced crystallographers, showcase their work, and provide hands-on application training on the latest APEX3 software. This article provides all the highlights.
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Discover the D8 DISCOVER Plus

By combining high efficiency sources, versatile sample stages, clever accessories, a solid foundation and advanced detectors, the D8 DISCOVER Plus defines a new class of XRD solution. The D8 DISCOVER Plus enables scientists to push materials research beyond previous boundaries with a new level of versatility and performance while taking precision and accuracy to a new level.
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METALJET D2 PLUS Source: Brighter Than Ever

Integrated into Bruker's D8 VENTURE, the METALJET D2 X-ray source provides the highest intensity available in a home laboratory system. Now, our new METALJET D2 PLUS features an enhanced 250W power load and new Dynamic Adaptation technology. This technology improves e-beam control and stability, resulting in significantly longer cathode lifetimes. Even more exciting is that the METALJET D2 PLUS delivers 25% more photons on your sample. 
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Must-See Bruker TV

SKYSCAN 2214 Animation video

2020 Vision Photo Contest

We want your photos! For a chance to win a copy of Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, send us a photo of you with your Bruker AXS instrument and a short description of your elemental analysis application. Just fill out this entry form and click Submit! Entries must be received by December 31, 2019 to qualify. Three lucky winners will be notified by email on or before January 17, 2020.

Image of the Month

A zebrafish head scanned by microCT (SKYSCAN 2214) after phosphoungstic acid (in ethanol) staining (left) and without staining (center); the zebrafish vertebra (right). Bruker microCT scanners are ideally suited to high throughput imaging of zebrafish ex vivo, with their desktop ease-of-use and large camera field of view allowing whole fish to be scanned rapidly at good resolution. 
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See You at AsCA 2019

16th Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association
17-20 Dec 2019

We cordially invite you to the upcoming Bruker workshops and events lined up in conjunction with AsCA 2019.

Join Us at IFEX 2020

16th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment, Supplies and Services
28 Feb - 01 Mar 2020
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 

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Pre-owned Systems Available

Bruker offers pre-owned and demo systems for an attractive price. All systems are completely refurbished and come with a one-year warranty. Currently available: S2 PUMA with TouchScreen, XY Autochanger, Standard Pd tube, 50 kV Generator, HighSense Xe LE, Air/He/Vac operation with sample rotation, and Standardless software.
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03 Dec 2019
NCB International Seminar on Cement, Concrete and Building Materials India 2019 - New Delhi, India


09 Dec 2019
AGU Fall Meeting 2019 - San Francisco, CA, USA - American Geophysical Union

17 Dec 2019
AsCA 2019 - Singapore - Asian Crystallographic Association


04 Feb 2020
ICT 2020 - Wels, Austria - Industrial Computed Tomography


28 Feb 2020
IFEX 2020 - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - International Foundry Exhibition

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