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Maintenance and Service Training
*Classes are subject to change or cancellation with respect to the Coronavirus pandemic. Bruker will abide by all state and local regulations in effect at the time the class is scheduled.

About the course

The intent of this course is to provide knowledge about the alignment, maintenance and troubleshooting of the S8 TIGER. Step by step, you will receive the know-how to maintain the system in its optimum condition. You will become able to identify malfunctions and treat them. You will then be able to plan service activities more effectively.

Please note that this course is intended for those who are using the current S8 system. Training on S4 systems is available at off-site customer locations at standard service rates.

Attendance Fee

The course fee is $5,500 USD per person. 

Class Size

Because our courses are interactive and learner-oriented, we limit class size to a minimum of three and a maximum of six. Early enrollment is encouraged as registrations are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis.


*Each participant will be provided with class materials and lunch daily.

Course Agenda

Monday, 9am - 5pm

  • S8 Tools
  • MeasureControl and Service Support Mode
  • System overview
  • Water system
  • Deionized water cartridge replacement
  • X-ray tube cleaning and replacement

Tuesday, 9am - 5pm

  • Vacuum seal replacement
  • Cleaning of vacuum seal, o-rings and sample chamber
  • Physical location of all electronic assembles
  • Goniometer limit and reference switches
  • Checking and changing the drivers of the AC/DC motors
  • Checking the sliders, turn unit and crystal changer

Wednesday, 9am - 5pm

  • Checking the vacuum mode
  • Checking the valves
  • checking and changing the driver of the valve
  • Safety circuit
  • Adjusting and checking the amplification of the measuring electronics

Thursday, 9am - 5pm

  • Standard noise level of the SC and SPC
  • Install sample magazine and sample cover and all panels
  • Adjusting the same magazine X, Y and Z axes
  • Flow counter wire and window replacement
  • Alignment

Friday, 9am -12pm

  • Checking alignment results, spectrometer alignment log, summary 1 and 2 files.
  • Review
  • Questions & answer session

Training Dates

April 12-16, 2021

July 12-16, 2021

October 18-22, 2021

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For course content questions, please contact:

Steve Quam
Support Engineer, XRF


For registration and other questions, please contact:

Caitlin Heitman
Marketing Specialist


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