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Powder Diffraction Fundamentals
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Powder Diffraction Fundamentals for Structure Solutions (Monday/Tuesday) 9am-4pm

This training course will show the theoretical fundamentals and sample preparation techniques with the D8 family of diffractometers using both reflection (Bragg-Brentano) and transmission geometries. The main focus is on powder diffraction using the DIFFRAC.SUITE software packages including DIFFRAC.EVA and DIFFRAC.MEASUREMENT.


Structure Refinement and Solutions with DIFFRAC.TOPAS (Wednesday/Thursday) 9am-4pm

This training course will show some of the advanced features of DIFFRAC.TOPAS for indexing, microstructure analysis, structure refinement, and structure solution. This course is intended for experienced XRD users including use of DIFFRAC.TOPAS or similar structure analysis software packages.

Attendance Fee

The course fee is $1,700 USD per attendee per two-day session. 


Class Size

Because our courses are interactive and learner-oriented, we limit class size to a minimum of three and a maximum of six. Early enrollment is encouraged as registrations are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis.

*Each participant will be provided with class materials and lunch daily. 

Training Dates

 Powder Diffraction Fundamentals for Structure Solutions:

None Scheduled

Structure Refinement and Solutions with DIFFRAC.TOPAS:
None Scheduled

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For course content questions, please contact:

Steven (Nick) Rodesney
Applications Scientist, XRD

Nathan Henderson
Sr. Applications Scientist, XRD 


For registration and other questions, please contact:

Caitlin Heitman
Marketing Specialist


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